Inspiration : Cube Rally Racer

I have been looking at formulating my ‘big project’ idea so that I know where I am aiming at as I learn to create games. Knowing my final destination will help me choose the smaller projects to act as building blocks towards the final game. One game genre that is intriguing me is the ‘playful racer’, it reminds me of happy days racing against my sister and cousins on Nitro for the Amiga in the 1990’s – a truly fantastic game of it’s day!

Nitro – Amiga Fantastic!

I was looking to find what is out there at the moment for the ‘playful racer’ fanboy and I stumbled across Cube Rally Racer from Jared Bailey founder of NoCanWinCube Rally Racer is a fun isometric styled racer where you have to collect petrol picks, dodge cows, jumps walls and get to the finish line as fast as possible. It’s a good play and it’s a cheap app – well worth the money! I like it’s simplistic (looking) art style and also love the handling of the car. Some good inspiration to be take from Jared’s creation, well done him!

Cube Rally Racer - Action Shot
Cube Rally Racer – Action Shot

Check out the game’s trailer on YouTube – Link

Jared Bailey has also created a follow-up to Cube Rally Racer (Cube Rally Redline), for me it is not as enjoyable as Cube Rally Racer and has some Scalextric style restrictions on your movement – still a good pick-up-and-play game though. Along with these Jared has some other interesting games to check-out. The soulful Infinite Surfer and the 100mph action Fist Face Fight.

Cube Rally Redline Action Shot
Cube Rally Redline Action Shot
Infinite Surfer
Infinite Surfer – Lovely soulful feel
Fist Face Fight
Fist Face Fight – Good Fun!

Isometric Art Style 

I am definitely drawn to this art style it has a retro/pixel art feel which will fit well with the Ouya’s audience. Phil Fish‘s Fez is a pixel art spectacular and should be included in the Museum of Design’s collection of video games. I will endeavour to research further into isometric game art and how Unity3D aids in the development of isometric gaming.

Fez Artwork
Fez Artwork

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