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Inspiration : The Truth About Game Dev

I stumbled across Chris Deleon who runs an amazing website called Hobby Game Dev which aims to share game development treats to individuals or small teams developing games in the garden shed. He seems passionate about helping newbie game devs into the scene and enticing people into the world of code, builds, demos and the thrills of game making.

There are lots of good articles on Hobby Game Dev  but I found the video below to be good motivation and encouragement at this early stage of my game dev lifespan – thanks Chris!



Let’s Get This Started!

I am standing at the foot of Mount Ultimate Challenge and wondering where to start!

I have been reading up on game development and trying to select the tools that will help me design on the Ouya. After much investigation and reflection I have decided to learn the Unity 3D platform as its one powerful beast, has a excellent community, good tutorials and its scalable for small and big projects.

It provides me with another dilemma of which programming language to concentration on learning – in the end I decided on UnityScript (JavaScript pretty much) as its slightly familiar to me and seems to be easier for me to follow.

I have also downloaded Blender as it’s free, has a vibrant community online but also powerful enough to take care of all of my modelling needs.

Now I need some tutorials to get stuck into to understand Unity 3D a little more!