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Tip : Designing an Isometric Game in Unity3D

The idea of isometric art in video games is normally to make a 2D game look 3D, a lot of effort goes into making this work and look right.

Our friend Unity3D helps us out a lot here, to setup an isometric game all we need to do is adjust the Main Camera settings to give us a isometric view of our scene.

Step 1: Select Main Camera from the hierarchy

Step 2: Within the Inspector and under the Transform tab change the Main Camera’s position as follows : x = -10, y = 15, z – 10

Step 3: Within the Transform tab change the Main Camera’s rotation as follows: x = 30, y = 45, z= 0

Step 4: Under the Camera tab select ‘Orthographic’ from the Projection drop-down menu, which is normally set to ‘Perspective’ as default.

Check Your Work: With a few object in your scene you will see them displayed in the Isometric style within the Game View.

Your settings should look the same as below (Unity 4.1.5):

Isometric Camera Settings
Isometric Camera Settings